Preservation Cascade, Inc.


The Historic 10th Street Bridge over the Missouri River.
Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana.

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Illuminating the arches of the bridge

A pedestrian tunnel was built through the abutment of the historic 10th street bridge. A grant from Fish, Wildlife and Parks provided funds to connect the north side of the bridge to the popular River's Edge Trail. Additional plans are being developed to complete a plaza and railings above the tunnel.

The Montana Cultural Trust awarded Preservation Cascade, Inc. a grant to purchase benches and planters for the completed model arch of the historic bridge. Plants and flowers appropriate to the various seasons will beautify the bridge.

One of the ongoing goals related to restoring the historic bridge to its former elegance has been to remove the unsightly and abandoned utility lines hanging from the superstructure of the bridge; That goal was realized during the winter of 2006-2007. Steel, Etc., a Great Falls firm, worked for several weeks and the lines have now been safely removed. There were not any outstanding costs associated with the removal as the salvage value of the copper and metal utility lines compensated the contractor.

A competitive grant was received from the Community Transportation Enhancement Program to illuminate the graceful arches of the bridge. Bob Daniels, nationally known lighting designer, in association with Gordon, Prill, Drapes Engineering, completed the plan. Liberty Electric, Inc. of Great Falls was awarded the contract in July 2007. Preservation Cascade, Inc. had a lighting ceremony when the work was done. If you are interested in learning more or contributing to this effort, please phone Preservation Cascade, Inc. at 406-452-5492.