Preservation Cascade, Inc.

The Historic 10th Street Bridge over the Missouri River.
Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana.

Special events

  Preservation Cascade Inc. Annual Meeting September 18, 2023


September 18, 2023

7:00 PM

Great Falls Civic Center, Gibson Room

2 Park Drive South, Great Falls MT


You are invited to a very special Annual Meeting on Monday, September 18, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gibson Room of the Civic Center. 

 COVID precautions kept our group from having in-person annual meetings for the past few years, so this event will be a reunion and celebration of all we’ve managed to accomplish. It will be wonderful to see you again!

 After a brief business meeting, Bruce Pollington from Rivers Edge Trail will lead a discussion about the long-awaited integration of the Historic ARCH Bridge with the Trail. After decades of hard work and dedication, our dream has come true: the ARCH Bridge is now open all the way across the Missouri River.   

 Award winning author and consummate storyteller Richard Bird Baker will be portraying his great-grandfather George Washington Bird. Richard will take us back to 1920 when Architect George Shanley designed our Historic Bridge.

 We are very grateful to everyone who supported saving and restoring the unique Bridge.  This is an important gathering to assure the ARCH Bridge will be enjoyed, cared for, and appreciated as a symbol of Great Falls for many decades to come.  

Please attend to celebrate the bridge.  This event is free and refreshments will be served. There will also be an opportunity to pay annual dues and make donations. 

Arlyne Reichert

Outgoing President, Preservation Cascade

  South End is Now Open

River’s Edge Trail bridge connection

The River’s Edge Trail connection across the historic 10th Street Bridge is now open. City Park and Recreation staff opened the bridge connection on Aug. 10 and are planning a ceremony during the Lumunaria Walk on Aug. 29. The trail connection is the result of a land swap between the city and Independence Bank that was approved by the city in 2021.

The new trail continues downstream along the river embankment from under the 9th Street Bridge to the south abutment of the 10th Street Bridge. From there, trail users could continue downstream using existing trail along River Drive North or cross the Historic Tenth Street Bridge to connect with north shore trails, according to the River’s Edge Trail foundation.

Story by Jenn Rowell - The Electric - August 11,2022

  This is a free, family-friendly event for the comunity.  There will be food and music along the trail to enjoy.  This year's walk will be a loop along the river between West Bank Park and the Historic 10th Street (ARCH) Bridge.
  Students make planters for 10th Street Bridge
40 members of Great Falls Public Schools put their skills to the test by building 10 flowerpots for the historic 10th Street Bridge, otherwise known as the ARCH Bridge (The Arlyne Reichert Community Heritage Bridge). The Great Falls Public School hosted their third Kids Construction Camp. Home Builders Association donated funds for supplies and equipment, Johnson Madison donated materials.” Godfather’s Pizza provided certificates for the last day lunch. -- Cade Menter, KRTV News Reporter