Preservation Cascade, Inc.

The Historic 10th Street Bridge over the Missouri River.
Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana.

Bridge Lightings

For Year of 2008
To honor a special event, person, or family holiday, the historic
Tenth Street Bridge will be illuminated for a tax-deductible donation of $100.
Please contact Preservation Cascade at 406-452-5492.
January 14, 2008 Birthday of Arlyne Reichert "the Bridge Lady"
January 28, 2008, 7:00 pm
McLaughlin Research Institute
1520 23rd St. S
Annual Meeting of Preservation Cascade Inc.
February 5, 2008 At the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Tourism Advisory Council Statewide Meeting
February 6, 2008 Loretta Day's birthday
February 13, 2008 Happy Valentine's Day to Pamela Smith
February 14, 2008 Happy Valentine's Day from Preservation Cascade Inc.
February 21, 2008 In honor of the History Museum Banquet - donated by Claire DelGuerra
March 13, 2008 Welcome to the Western Art Capital of the United States.  Enjoy!
March 14, 2008 Birthday of Audrey Stratford - donated by her husband, George
March 17, 2008 Saint Patrick's Day
March 23, 2008 Easter Sunday
April 16, 2008 Birthday of George Stratford - donated by his wife, Audrey
April 22, 2008 Earth Day
May 11, 2008 Mother's Day
May 22, 2008 I n honor of National Historic Preservation Month - donated by Ellen Sievert, City/County Preservation Office r
May 26, 2008 Memorial Day
June 1, 2008 Birthday of Renny Lawson - donated by her husband, Rich Lawson
June 15, 2008 Father's Day
July 4, 2008 Independence Day
August 6, 2008 I n Memory of Meta Meinhardt - donated by her son Jerry Meinhardt
August 26, 2008 Birthday of Shirley Bowlin - donated by her husband, Bob Bowlin
September 1, 2008 Labor Day
September 10, 2008 Birthday of Paco Day, donated by Loretta Day
September 17, 2008 In recognition of the kidney transplant of Tyler Jarl Dowell ( 2 year old) who received a kidney from his Mother, Stacy - Transplant Successful !
October 6, 2008 In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Television Station KRTV
October 7, 2008 In honor of the Smuin Ballet and the McLaughlin Research Institute
October 13, 2008 Columbus Day
October 22, 2008 I n honor of the Birthdays of twins Trudy and Judy Stimac
October 22, 2008 In honor of the Birthday of Nora Krebs
October 31, 2008 Halloween
November 18, 2008 Birthday of 90 year old Rachel Onstad
November 27, 2008 20th Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Annie Porter
November 27, 2008 Thanksgiving Day
November 27, 2008 In Honor of 66th Anniversary of
Bob and Shirley Bowlin
December 4, 2008 In Memory of "Hershey" beloved dog of
Miriam Nagel
December 16, 2008 Loving Memory of Clayton Bain
December 22, 2008 Loving Memory of Anniversary of Joseph & Belle Brinkley
December 24, 2008  through
January 1, 2009
Bridge lit every night courtesy of
General Distributing Co.
December 25, 2008 Christmas

Note:  We request at least 7 days advance notice in order to allow sufficient lead time to re-program the lighting and to update the Events Calendar on the website. Throughout 2008 the arches will automatically be illuminated every Friday and Saturday night; should a special event fall on one of these days, the lighting will be dedicated in the manner designated by the contributor and duly noted on this website.