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he Tenth Street Bridge, completed in 1920, provided a critical connection between Great Falls and outlying communities to the north, particularly the Black Eagle community directly across the Missouri River. The bridge reflects the "vision" of Paris Gibson, the founder of Great Falls, who had great influence on determining the physical plans for the city.

Gibson spearheaded the creation of The Tenth Street Bridge, which continues to make a statement about the pride and optimism of the community during the early years of this century. The Tenth Street Bridge is of engineering significance as the longest open-spandrel, ribbed-arch, concrete bridge in Montana. The bridge design was produced by the collaboration of Ralph Adams, a structural engineer from Spokane, and George Shanley, a prominent Great Falls architect.

Shanley made Great Falls his permanent home in 1907 and over several decades he designed numerous buildings throughout Montana, and beyond, in addition to adding over 40 prominent buildings in Great Falls including the Rainbow Hotel, First National Bank Building, YMCA Building and many others.